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Marketing Week 2022

October 3-7, 2022

For the annual Marketing Week, CMU AMA hosted five that featured numerous speaker events and AMAzing professional development workshops!

DAY 1 | Monday, October 3th 5-6:00pm

Mentor-Mentee Speed Dating

Join our speed dating event to get to know your fellow AMA members and pair up with a mentor/mentee!

DAY 2 | Tuesday, October 5th 6-7:30pm

Resume Workshop

AMA President Stephanie Tseng discussed ways to create an effective resume that makes you stand out as an applicant.

DAY 3 | Wednesday, October 6th 6-7pm

Special Speaker: Professor Po-Shen Loh

Po-Shen Loh, CMU Professor of Mathematics and Founder of NOVID is an internationally acclaimed educator, researcher, and inventor. Professor Loh discussed the marketing aspects of his latest project, NOVID, a contract tracing app that anonymously traces users' exposure to COVID-19.

DAY 4 | Thursday, October 5th 6-7pm

TikTok Marketing Workshop

CMU AMA's Campus Marketing Consulting Manager, Melissa Yeung, discussed the strategies behind building a successful platform on TikTok.

DAY 5 | Friday, October 8th 6-7:30pm

AMA Networking Event

In this fun and casual networking event with AMA members, we launched our new mentorship program to help members connect and grow their network. 

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