Member Spotlights

Member Spotlight 2020-2021

Anjali Akula
Community Engagement

Anjali is a sophomore in Information Systems, has traveled to 19 different states, and is part of the Community Engagement Committee. Anjali joined AMA so she could continue working with ZODAJ (whom she interned for as an SWE intern over the summer) and learn more about how they operate on the business/marketing side. She is also thinking of going into consulting and believes that AMA will give her insightful business experience into the field.

Paige Yu
Case Competitions & Programs

Paige is a freshman studying Business Administration. She is a member of both the Case Competitions and Programs Committees, and she eats an orange every night before going to bed. Paige joined AMA because she wanted to get involved with a club that was aligned with her major, and she believed that the experience would be very beneficial to learn from.

paige crop.jpg
Maggie Shien
Communications & Social Impact

Maggie is a freshman studying Business Administration. She is a member of both the Social Impact and Communications Committees, and designed our annual T-shirt. She likes art, watching Netflix, chilling with her friends, and matcha ice cream. Maggie joined AMA because she wanted to learn more about business outside of the classroom setting and connect with members of the CMU community as well as local business organizations. 

maggie crop.jpg
Anna Tan

Anna is a senior studying Statistics and Machine Learning. She is a member of the Consulting Committee and looks forward to practicing her communication skills and learning from her peers through AMA. We're excited to have you on the team, Anna!

Jonathan Ho
Community Engagement & Programs

Jonathan Ho is a freshman studying business administration at Tepper. He hopes to further explore behavioral economics and metascience while also continuing his piano and viola career at CMU. His favorite fruits are strawberries and pears, and he recently started raising a succulent, which he has fondly named Alfonso the Aloe. In AMA, he’s a member of both the Programs and Community Engagement Committees.


Member Spotlight 2019-2020

Zachary Lee

Zach is a sophomore studying business with a double major in Ethics, History, and Public Policy. Besides AMA's consulting committee, he's also involved in Alpha Tau Omega, C# Singers, Liberty in North Korea, and Business Technology Group. In his free time, he loves spending time with friends, watching movies, and worrying about his work without actually doing anything about it. 

Sandy Zhang
Social Impact

Sandy Zhang is a Freshman in the Tepper School of Business. Sandy joined the Social Impact Committee last fall and is dedicated in helping nonprofit organizations expand and improve their businesses. She has contributed in evaluating markets and providing strategies for various issues facing certain nonprofits. She is a committed and dedicated member with a willingness to learn.

Katie Lin

Katie Lin is a first year student studying Business Administration, with special interest in entrepreneurship and design. She is an active member of our Consulting Committee, where she serves on the business development side of ComYoot. We value her for her hard work and energy that she brings to the team!

Nancy Zuo
Case Competitions

Nancy is a freshman in the Tepper school of business and she joined the case competition committee of AMA because she loves combining graphic design and business. Some of her most memorable moments in high school were brainstorming and designing layouts for the case competitions with her teammates for a business club.

Aerin Kim
Programs & Consulting

Aerin is a Junior in BXA studying Decision Science and Musicology. She is on the Programs and Consulting committees. Aerin joined AMA because she saw what an amazing resource it is both professionally and personally. She believes it is a great way to form enriching relationships with professors and new friends, as well as learn more about marketing through the various exciting events held throughout the year.

Kristel Yu

Kristel is a sophomore studying Business Administration and Human-Computer Interaction. She is a returning member of the Consulting Committee and looks forward to working with new members for ComYoot’s social media marketing!

Lucy Choi
Social Impact

Lucy is a Policy and Management major and she joined AMA because she has been involved with PR teams on campus and became increasingly interested in marketing. Aside from being an active listener and attendee of all committee meetings, Lucy has been a diligent worker with social impact tasks. Giving importance to her work, she is a present member of discussions and ideation sessions.

Lucy Choi.jpg

Member Spotlight 2018-2019

Maddie Moon
Case Competitions

Maddie Moon is a member of the Case Competitions committee and has been an enthusiastic and active member. She has contributed a lot to our primary consumer research and her efforts are really appreciated!

Eric Cheng
Case Competitions

Eric Cheng was very involved with helping out with in Case Competitions committee throughout the semester, and was instrumental in finalizing the design for the final case submission!

Steve Wong
Case Competitions

Steve Wong was an active member of the Case Competitions committee, and contributed significantly to the finance aspect of the case submission! He is also a member of the Consulting Committee working on the ComYoot recruiting agencies team.

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